Cartoon Called Life

Cartoon Called Life is a comic about the life of Bunny, a fun, cute and sarcastic little character, obsessed with pizza and athletic bearded guys, and looking for his perfect boyfriend.

It all started back in 2013. And back then, everything was kept almost like a secret in my notebook. My boyfriend called me « my little bunny » and that’s how I started to draw from time to time cartoons about him, my friends and our daily lives. They loved it, posted from time to time one on their Facebook profile, and even used it sometimes as their new profile picture. They were my only audience but we had a lot of fun.

Bunny became public on 22 October 2014, when Cartoon Called Life appeared for the first time on Instagram. I was not on Facebook so I thought Instagram was a nice way to share my work with friends, but also to a larger audience, people I don’t know but who might like what I do.

It’s in 2017 that the serious part started. What was just a fun activity on a rainy day took more and more space in my life. One of my friend who loved my work pushed me to give life to my hero and to publish a book with some of my favorite cartoons. After a long reflexion and a lot of work, the first book of Cartoon Called Life was published in October 2017, and the second book two years later, in October 2019.

In three years time, I have also launched an apparel collection, I had three solo exhibitions in Paris (France) and Antwerp (Belgium), I released a series of products I designed (check Bunny’s e-shop) and I made my art available to my fans, and in fact everyone (take a look here at the online art gallery). All of this, while having a (super) full time-job in the fashion industry. Let’s be honest, it’s a personal achievement I’m quite proud of.

I put a lot of passion in my work. I really hope you will enjoy Cartoon Called Life as much as I do.

Juraj « Juri » STRAKA